Wealth Management


Wealth Management is the cornerstone of helping you and your family reach your financial and lifestyle goals.

At EFS Strategic, we help priorities your goals, which gives you something concrete and meaningful to strive for. It helps you connect your investments to what really matters: your family, your future experiences, and your personal needs. We work to increase your wealth beyond taxes, inflation, and fees. We plan, manage risk, help minimize tax costs and deliver wealth strategies that help you reach your goals sooner.

What should I expect?


A different approach — one that begins with you and the life you want to lead. We won’t pretend to know what’s right for you without really getting to know you and the way you want your life to look. We won’t give you a one-and-done plan or a one-size-fits-all investment solution. We will get to know you. We will help you answer the most important question, “Can I live the life I want?” by integrating your life plan with your finances to bridge the gap between your ideal life and the life you can afford.

Our approach:

  • Is driven by research and facilitated by trained advisers
  • Gives you a clear framework for deciding what’s right for you
  • Delivers dynamic plans and individualized investment portfolios
  • Incorporates collaborative, engaging and easy digital tools



What do I want my life to be like?

Financial Life Management helps you consider your entire life — and define what you want your money to do for you.



Will I have the resources I need?

Develop a plan and put your money into action with Financial Planning and Investment Management.



Am I prepared for life’s surprises?

Our Guidebook and GuideCenter give you complete insight into total control over your financial life, so you can adjust to the inevitable changes.


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Whatever you want to achieve, we’re here to help.
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